Your mobile phone is dirtier than a toilet!

Study finds handsets contain 18 times more living bacteria than a flush on a men’s toilet

Mobile phones can be cleaned with an alcohol wipe.

No matter how hi-tech your mobile phone is, it’s still dirtier than a toilet seat!

It harbors 18 times more living bacteria than a flush on a men’s toilet, according to a research conducted by ‘Which?’ magazine.

A hygiene expert analyzed 30 handsets for the study found seven had warning or high levels of environmental bacteria, reports Daily Mail.

One harbored levels of bacteria, including fecal cruciforms, high enough to give its user a serious stomach upset.

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Hygiene expert Jim Francis told Which?: “The levels of potentially harmful bacteria on one mobile were off the scale. That phone needs sterilizing.

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The tests showed how easily bacteria could linger on the surface of a phone, which could be passed on to other people if they held the handset to look at photos or other applications.

Which? advises that phones can be cleaned with an alcohol wipe.

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