Focusing on the Target

Target your customer for better profitsA recent article on afaqs  talks about Femina coming out with a Tamil version of its magazine. A leading English magazine having a nationwide presence suddenly going local! With markets getting more and more fragmented, marketers are busy finding new ways to approach this segmented market.

Imagine a Brand like United Breweries. One would normally associate the Brand with “King of Good Times”…a feel of luxury, opulence and something international. However this is the best example I can think of a Brand who has mastered the art of Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. With a product like beer which has both a mass and a class appeal, it caters to customers across segments. From Kingfisher Ultra targeting the connoisseurs of beer to UB Export targeting the mass Karnataka market, its product kitty has something for everybody. With the product, the communication also changes. UB export has local Kannada actor Upendra as its Brand ambassador and a tagline “Hosa Look Sakath Style”.

And this trend is not limited to any product category. A social networking site, like Facebook is trying to gauge the customer through his/her status updates and is planning to come out with target-specific advertising. For eg: If I have a status update saying “Planning to buy a pair of stilettos today!”…sometime in the near future I might end up getting some discount coupon for my shoe shopping expedition.

And coming back to where I started…Femina would be launching its Tamil version on 25th March at an inaugural price of Rs.30. In an official communique, Prachi Tiwari, brand publisher, Femina, says, “The Tamil edition will carry on the legacy of the mother brand, reflecting what matters to the Tamil speaking reader, and finding newer ways to connect with her changing lifestyle and ambitions.”

All the Best to Femina and Long Live the Consumer !

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