Apple Ipad – The Champion’s Trophy?

apple ipadLast weekend when I was browsing through my TV, I encountered at least 3 reality shows within a span of 4 hours which were giving away an Ipad as the prize. A friend of mine, who is not at all tech savvy, last week got an Ipad home. So why is this small device slowly and gradually building an entire ecosystem around it?

First is it comes from Apple. The brand is associated with creativity, technical brilliance and all that paraphernalia that goes with it. You say Apple and there is a section of people who just go gaga over it. Anything carrying the Apple tag suddenly becomes a matter of pride and envy. Apple has successfully marketed its brand on the two pillars of exclusivity and creativity. So much so for the Brand name called Apple.

Now coming to the product itself… The version 1 had a much delayed launch in India (sometime in Jan, 2011). April saw the launch of its Version 2. Coming at a price of Rs.29,500/-for the 16-GB Wi-Fi only model and at Rs.36,900/- for the 16 GB Wi-Fi+3G model, IPad is technically now within the reach of many Indians. With disposable income taking an upswing and Generation Y getting more and more mobile, Apple has found the perfect market in India. Large Electronic stores in India like Chroma are already reporting stock shortages and the minimum waiting time for the customer is varying from 15-20 days.

Carefully treading the path between its Macbook and Iphone, Apple Ipad tries to provide the user the ease of computing with the advantage of mobility. How far will it be successful in achieving this feat that time only can tell? How much would competitor brands like Samsung Galaxy eat into the ‘Apple’ pie is better left to the Strategy guy at Apple to decipher. As for my part I have started saving money already to be a part of the much coveted Hall of Fame!

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