UI/UX considerations for an E-commerce site


Internet is rapidly becoming a preferred medium of transaction between the buyer and the seller. From creating the first impression to finally sealing a deal, businesses are taking to the virtual world in a big way. In such a scenario, your web site plays a crucial role in the success of your business. More so if you are an e-commerce site and your primary source of revenue is your web site.
Some key UI/UX features you should keep in mind before you plan to take the big online plunge:
  • Web site Concept: This is the framework on which your site would be based. You can either choose to tell a story through your site or you can engage the customer using the concept of a game. Whatever you do, adhere to the KISS principle always-Keep It Simple Silly! Your site would be used by both computer nerds as well as novices, remember it should be accessible to both with equal ease. It should be engaging yet at the same time easy to comprehend.
  • Site Loading Speed: All your Search Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns have finally showed results and you have been successful in attracting the visitor to your e-commerce site. What next? What if your site does not load fast enough? Your visitor is pressed for time and he has millions of other options to choose from. So if you fail to make the first impression at the right time, chances are you have lost a potential customer forever. No matter how exceptionally good your site design is, if it does not load fast it ultimately becomes an experiment in futility.
  • Registration: One of the features that is common across all e-commerce sites is the registration process or the Sign Up form. It is an important source of Lead Generation for your site. True you want information about your customer and this is the place for that information collection but please do not overdo it. It is very annoying for visitors to fill a long Registration form before he has even started using your services. Keep to the minimum. Better still let the user get used to your site and then ask him questions. Another way to address Sign Up is to ask basic questions first and keep the rest for a later stage.
  • Content: Another make or break factor of your e-commerce site is your content. From Tab menus to Call to Actions, everything can roughly be clubbed as Content. Your e-commerce site is for serious business and not designed for ‘art for art’s sake’. Do not be too experimental with your choice of words. Have clear call to actions.
  • Navigation-Last but not the least, have an easy to navigate structure. Customers should be able to find what they want at the appropriate place. The entire process from product display to payment should be like a cake walk for the customer.
Remember your customer will come back and refer you to others only if he has had a splendid experience on your site. And your responsibility is to ensure he has that experience.

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