Eyes full of tears…

Article Author: Ms. Aradhana Singh, HR Manager

This article is part of a series of articles published by employees of Vavia Technologies.

Just another day in my life! Struggling in the bustling crowd to reach office amidst a choking traffic as I was getting late for work. Suddenly my eyes met an old man, a man with pride in his eyes, proud that he was not a beggar but a cobbler. With a shivering look and torn clothes basking at ease under the scorching sun, the same sun whose rays I found harsh as I tried to cover myself from it as much as I could.

His eyes met mine; those eyes were half filled with tears and were craving for help- some food, some water and a longing for a comfortable shelter where he can spend at least one night peacefully. His eyes were swollen giving the impression that many nights had been spent soaking his tattered pillow in tears. Age had also played its havoc, but in spite of all this he seemed as one who was still not ready to bow to his circumstances and shun his responsibilities, he was still not ready to give up. The determination in his eyes were very clear, was very inspiring to make me forget my little sorrows, pain and defeat (which I was lamenting a moment back).

The world was paying no heed to him and was busy with its own pace of survival, but in midst of all this, my heart was captured by his wrinkled, shriveled, helpless yet determined face. My feet slowed down which a while ago were pacing to win the marathon and win the race of unknown destinations.

I was cursing myself for not being able to help him. I was no different from others; I was equally selfish and limited in thoughts to my microcosmic world.

The memory of those eyes full of tears always makes me smile at my own selfishness…

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