Social Media Day Contest – Winner

Ajit Ranganathan Article Author: Mr. Ajit Ranganath.

This article was declared as the best article for the Social Media Day Blog writing competition at Vavia Technologies

The tide was rising. The surfers looked poised. The shores were getting warmer. The waters that were going to carry you around to meet new surfers, to look at new boards, to behold salsa, tango and cha-cha-cha were no less than menacingly enticing. Yes, summer was here!

Enter Orkut: The closest I could get to I, Me, Mine on the web. A virtual Me, bearing towards increasing freedom for expression on a platform probably foreseen but never experienced. The new bubble with friend lists and fans and scraps was looking fancy and luring. Adding a friend was a mere increase in units place in my friends’ list, but it kinda gave me a sense of my social self. So, this was me. This was as far as i would go to lend my time, my energy, my conscious thought speak out; to reach out. Would i be your fan? Would you be mine? I don’t remember asking these questions but they got addressed pretty fast. It was so f***ing easy to look at who was really interested in the ‘neat’ piece of work that was my life. The wonderfully embedded gatekeeper to my profile told me whom I could date, with whom i could go out for a game of snooker, with whom i need some more time.

Is that it? Thats all? Ask me and i will tell you just that. A flurry of responses to Orkut. The good, the bad, the ugly? Not yet!


That must’ve hurt. Nasty shot Facebook, looks like Orkut’s scampering away!

I shared a video, my friend commented on it and his friend liked my post : 3 people struck a chord at an interactive level that is only surpassed in a situation where all three are present in the same room. How would my girlfriend react if i liked her ‘not-so-friendly’ neighbor’s photo of a new tree house in her garden? How about sharing a many worded thought in a note visible only to select friends because I think the others are a bit too judgmental …intrusive, even! I should definitely share that link which completely ravaged the powers to be on their misgivings. I’ll probably stay offline on chat today; work is taking precedence. Let me check out some photos of last night’s party at Kyra… Hmm she’s cute. Why did that idiot tag me in this nonsense video; now all my friends will see this! Oh spam again! And why has she blocked access to her profile picture even to friends??  Facebook has worked out well for Karthik’s band… wow look at the number of likes! Screw that… who wants a ‘dislike’ button.

Does my rambling seem out of context? Then, you, my friend, are not on Facebook… you need to get there… and fast!

The good, the bad, the ugly…Well the goodness is pouring out, manifesting each moment in the virtual world, lending experiences that will redefine social structure. It’s probably bad or sad that we’re only able to do THIS much.

And ugly? What in the world is ugly? Kick that work out of the Lexicon.

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