Facebook Smart Friends List = Google+ Circles?

Facebook has recently launched a new feature called Smart Friends List. It helps you to group your ‘Friends’ in specific categories.
Using an algorithm, Facebook automatically generates a handful of lists for your friends, coworkers, acquaintances and people who live near you. You may add/delete and modify the lists. Once a list is created, Facebook’s List Suggestion suggests similar people who can be added to the list.
This feature also helps to distinguish your ‘Close Friends’ from your ‘Acquaintances’. The names themselves are self-explanatory; you get to know about each small Fb activity of your ‘Close Friends’ while only major changes of your ‘Acquaintances’ are brought to your notice.
Friend List was an old feature of Facebook which has been with it since its initial days. But with the growing number of Facebook users, your friend list was also growing. This feature will help in sorting out your Friend List to a large extent.
Just when we were beginning to think that the Facebook era is about to get over, it has done it again! However the uncanny similarity between Facebook Smart Friends List and Google + Circles is very obvious. So much so for the ‘inspiration’ may be!

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