In Memoriam of My Beloved Facebook…

You were the first face I used to see in the morning

You were the last face I saw before sleeping

Many a lost friend I had found through you

Many a friend I had lost because of you!


You were there when my boss visited my desk

That reprimand I still cannot forget.

I changed my job because I could not do without you

Such a sacrifice is unparalleled in modern love history!


Many an hour which could have otherwise been productive

Were spent browsing through you…

Tagging photos, chatting, wall posts, news feed

I ingrained each feature of yours!


But you got swayed by your materialistic instincts

Flooded my wall with Sponsored Listings

Was I just a ‘target market’ for you?

Did my love mean nothing but revenue?


Alas! You are now headed on a path which only you know

You are no more the beloved whom I knew

I overcame many a temptation just to be with you

And today you have become just a Google+ copy!

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