Vavia Logo- the story behind!

The only constant thing about technology is …it changes!

So here we are with a new website and a new logo.

What would Vavia’s new identity be, what does Vavia mean for its clients, etc. etc. etc. formed part of many a “water-cooler” discussions at Vavia. Our new logo summarizes many such brainstorming sessions which we have had at Vavia in the last couple of months. After days of thinking and rethinking …we are finally out with our new logo!

At first glance our logo gives a fresh, new feel. Green symbolizes life, growth and balance. Vavia’s deep rooted values of self-respect and harmony are well entrenched in the choice of this color. We as an organization encourage learning and the pursuit of new ideas.

Blue in the logo symbolizes youth, inspiration and confidence. Vavia is a team of young and talented people who have made a mark for themselves by their sheer grit and determination. Blue also stands for communication- we aim to reach out to the maximum number of people with our solutions and services.

The emerging blue waves further enhance the forward looking approach of the organization. We are a technology company but what distinguishes us from the rest, is our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The waves add perspective – a look beyond the ordinary and the mundane, a growth towards perfection and excellence!

The overall look of the logo has been deliberately kept clean and suave. The choice of fonts emphasizes that we have Arrived, we are Trusted and we are Responsible. The fonts in lowercase and its softer edges indicate that we are flexible in our approach and open to new ideas.

…this is the story of our logo so far!

If you too want to have a logo that tells a story, write to us at [email protected]


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