Autograph Data Privacy Policy

Autograph Media Pvt Ltd brings to you an exclusive platform to connect with your favourite stars. Go one step further make your loved ones feel appreciated and special by getting personalized Video Autographs from their favourite stars all under one platform, with a simple click.

The Autograph Platform enables you, the "Autograph User" request personalized and one of a kind "Video Autographs" from your favourite "Autograph Stars" through our exclusive Autograph Applications which are available on both the Android and iOS Platforms and also the Autograph Website at You can exclusively be an "Autograph Partner" and benefit and grow with Autograph through our Exclusive referral Programs.

To facilitate the safe use of this platform, we ensure to protect your data and have drafted the following Data Privacy Policy. This Policy is a part of the Autograph’s Terms of Use. This Policy applies to all of the Autograph’s Platform users. The entire policy is drafted so as to make the Autograph user understand how and why Autograph (also referred to as "Autograph," "we" or "us") collects, uses, and shares information about you when you use our services via various platforms spanning from websites, mobile apps, widgets, and other online products and services (referred to as collectively, the "Services") or when you (referred to as "Autograph User""Autograph Star" and "Autograph Partners") otherwise interact with us or receive a communication from us. This Policy is made to ensure to let the Autograph Users know the privacy and protection of their data is at the forefront of the Autograph’s mind.

The Autograph User’s ("Autograph User""Autograph Star" and "Autograph Partners") are bound by the following policies and as a user, you acknowledge to have read, understood and agree to these terms and policies. The Following Terms are effective from 1st September 2019.

  1. Autograph User’s Data

    The Data are essentially of two types

    1. The Data/ Information that the Autograph User Provides
    2. The Data/ Information we collect


    1. The Data/ Information that the Autograph User Provides

      Information is provided by the Autograph Users directly when they use the services. The following are the Scenarios and the data that is being provided by the Autograph User.

      1. Account Creation
        • When a user signs up with Autograph they provide the following information, First Name, Last Name, email address, password, Mobile Number, Photo, Date of Birth, etc. There are multiple options to sign in, the users can sign in via their Facebook and Google accounts. We will also store your user account preferences and settings. In case the user uses Facebook and Google accounts, they can set the preferences in their accounts that control the use of Autograph in accessing their information on the other platforms. These details are usually collected via form fields that are filled in personally by the User and can be edited by the Autograph user at any point in time on the Mobile applications as well as the Website mentioned above. There are options where the users are provided with form fields to fill in additional data/ information such as location, social media links, etc.
        • Additional information about the Autograph User’s specifically pertaining to the Autograph Stars is collected to ensure they are in compliance with the governing laws, they need to provide information such as Legal name, Address, Social Security Number if any, Country of Citizenship, Tax details, Date of birth, etc as there financial transactions that are enabled and they are at a receiving end of those financial transactions. This is to ensure the benefit of the financial transactions is passed on to them smoothly and in accordance with the specific laws and regulations.
      2. Booking a personalized Autograph
        • To book a personalized Video Autograph from the Autograph Stars, the Autograph users share information on the details of the person that they are dedicating the personalized Autographs to. The various details such as the loved ones, name and mobile number would need to be provided to make the Autograph more personalized. These details are collected during the booking of a Personalized Autograph from their favourite stars.
        • To facilitate the payment of the video Autograph and purchase of any merchandise if any, the Autograph Users share details of bank accounts, credit/debit cards, other financial instruments or any details about their accounts when they sign up with their information on the various payment gateways that are supported by Autograph.
        • Successfully completed Video Autographs will be made available publicly on the Autograph website, on the homepage as well as the Autograph Star Page. Autograph will also have a right to post the personalized video publicly on the various Social Media pages on Autograph promotions. The Autograph user has the ability and option to opt-out of and ensures their personalized video is not made public at the time or Autograph booking request. Kindly ensure to enable the checkbox in the order creation page to ensure the video Autograph is not made public.
      3. The Content Autograph User submit.
        • We collect the content you submit to the Services. During the course of using our platform, and in case any issues crop up, Autograph users can reach out to our Customer Care Department. To ensure the issues are resolved we collect personal information to ensure the corrective action is given to the right person
        • In case there is any Contest and lucky draw that has been enabled by the Autograph platform, basic details are required from the Autograph user to allow the user to participate in the Contest and sweepstakes to ensure the rewards are disbursed to the right person. In the case of any winners, their basic details such as name and profile pictures would be used to announce the winners of the contests and will not be used for any other purpose.
        • During the lifecycle of the usage of the platform, there might be instances where we would ask feedbacks, recommendations, testimonials, reviews, etc from the Autograph Users. In case the Autograph users choose to provide this, either through our Social media pages or the platform itself, Autograph has the right to publish these reviews and testimonials for promotion. Any such content would be subject to the Terms of Use mentioned on the website as well as mobile applications.
        • To request a personalized Autograph Video from our Autograph Stars, we would be integrating with a third-party payment gateway of Autograph Media’s Choice. To enable payments, information relating to the paying user will be collected, kindly ensure to read and understand the terms and conditions of the third- party and ensure as a user you are aware and informed. We at Autograph will not be responsible for the Data privacy on the third- party website and application.
        • For reporting and transaction history, certain Autograph User’s data will be stored so there is no ambiguity in the occurred transactions.
        • As an Autograph Partner, if you are actively involved in the growth of the platform based on the referral program, certain information of the referrals made, as well as the basic details as required by law and regulation will be collected to ensure the referral pay-outs are validated and paid out correctly.
      4. Actions performed using Autograph

        We collect information about the actions you take when using the Autograph Platform. This includes your interactions with content, like voting, saving, hiding, commenting, sharing and reporting. It also includes your interactions with other Autograph Users, such as following, Booking, reporting, messaging, and blocking. Also, interaction with the community as a whole is collected.

    2. The Data/ Information we collect
      1. The Autograph Users Usage Data

        We may log information when you access and use the Autograph Services and Platform. This may contain your things like Autograph Users IP address, user-agent string, browser version and type, Software operating system, referral URLs, device information and data (e.g., device IDs), pages visited, links clicked, the requested URL, hardware settings, and search terms.

      2. Cookies and similar technologies.

        While you browse, there are pieces of data your browser stores and sends back to us when making requests, these are essentially called cookies. We use this information to improve the overall user experience, understand user activity, personalize content according to the interests of the User and advertisements, and improve the quality of our Services. Disabling the cookies is up to the User Discretion, the user can disable this via the browser settings.

      3. Location information

        We may get and process data about your area and Location. For instance, with your assent, we may gather data about the particular location of your cell phone via GPS or Bluetooth. We may likewise get location data from you when you offer such data on our Services, including by partner your substance with an area, or we may get your surmised area from other data about you, including your IP address.

  2. The Data that is collected from another source

    Various other personally identifiable information about the user is collected.

    Additional Information about you the Autograph User may be collected from various other sources, with the permission of the User, these permissions are obtained when the Autograph User signs up to the Autograph Platform. These permissions can be disabled by the User at any point of time by accessing the platform settings. Certain Demographical, as well as Statistical information may be ascertained from the Third-Party sources such as advertisers and social media networks, as mentioned earlier, these data are collected from these sources with the permission of the Autograph User. All the data that are collected are in accordance with the Privacy Policy. We use this data that is collected to understand the user needs and tailor-make the suggestions that are suitable to the targeted Autograph User, to personalize the user experience.

  3. In what ways the User Data is being utilized by Autograph

    The various ways the data is being used are as follows.

    1. Helps Autograph Users access the Autograph Platform with ease and help use the services effectively.
    2. Automatically update the Application for you.
    3. Help send technical assistance messages like updates, Security alerts, invoices, and other support functions to the user.
    4. Remember the information to enable the Autograph users to log in to the account with ease and not re-enter the information every single time.
    5. Allow the Autograph User to book personalized Autographs seamlessly.
    6. Respond to specific queries that are specifically related to the Autograph User and Platform Usage.
    7. Allow Autograph to ensure the advertisements and emails are tailored to the Users’ needs. This includes the various suggestions on the stars and merchandise tailor-made to the Autograph Users’ needs and preferences.
    8. Preventing Misuse and Fraud and to take a prompt corrective course of action and enforcing the Terms of Use and other Policies. This could include blocking suspected spammers, addressing abuse, etc.
    9. To aid in research and development to improve the overall user experience as well as improve the Autograph Platform. Also, the research data is used to introduce new services if any.
    10. In certain cases, we have a legal obligation to collect and process the Autograph Users’ personal information (such as our obligation to share data with tax authorities).
    11. Autograph will depend on lawful grounds to process your data to the degree allowed by pertinent law, which may incorporate, without constraint: to respect authoritative duties, to make strides fully expecting going into contract, to satisfy lawful commitments and your consent.
  4. Scenarios where Autograph discloses the User Information
    1. Data Disclosure to Third-party- Autograph has a strict policy on Data protection and we do not sell/share the User’s data unless the following scenarios apply.
      1. To comply with the law- We may share data in light of a solicitation for data if we trust divulgence is as per or required by, any pertinent law, guideline, legitimate procedure or administrative solicitation, including, however not constrained to, meeting national security or law authorization prerequisites. To the degree the law permits it, we will endeavour to give you earlier notice before uncovering your data because of such a solicitation.
      2. In an emergency – If we believe sharing the data can prevent physical/mental harm to a person.
      3. To our affiliates/ partner’s and Vendors – We source out certain work relating to the platform, such as, to: provide website hosting, maintenance, and security services; fulfil orders; conduct data analysis and create reports; offer certain functionality; or assist Autograph in improving the Services and creating new services and features only data that is required for the proper functioning of the platform will be shared with the third parties, in a need to know basis.
      4. Autograph additionally maintains all authority to unveil data that we accept, in compliance with common decency, is fitting or important to shield Autograph Media from potential risk or false, fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful utilization; explore and guard ourselves against third-party cases and claims, or charges; ensure the security or trustworthiness of the Autograph Services; or ensure the rights, property, or wellbeing of Autograph Users as a whole.
    2. Data Disclosure to Autograph Stars-

      Some of the User’s personal identifier data is shared with the Autograph stars as below.

      1. We share the Autograph User’s data to facilitate the distribution of rewards if any.
      2. Messages and actions like comments, testimonials that are sent to the Autograph Stars.
      3. All the details of the Autograph user which are needed to facilitate the successful completion of an Autograph booking.
      4. We do not provide the Autograph Users payment detail data such as Credit card information to the Autograph Stars.
    3. Data Disclosure to the Public

      The following data can be publicly accessible with the Autograph User’s permission.

      1. Autograph' Users' public profile data including the Social Media Links if added by the user.
      2. Any posts or comments that the Autograph User writes on the Autograph Stars public page. You as an Autograph User will receive notice when personal information about you might be shared with third parties and you will have an opportunity to choose not to share the information.
  5. Data is in Autograph User’s Control and Discretion

    As an Autograph User, you may decline to give permission to provide certain personal data, however, this would restrict the user from using certain functionalities of the Autograph Platform. This is based on the sole discretion of the Autograph User and most of the permissions can be controlled and enabled in the setting on the Autograph Platform under the My Account tab. To protect the Autograph User privacy and security, we may take additional steps to verify the user’s identity before granting you access or making corrections to your information. You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your unique OTP/password and account information at all times.

  6. Accessing and Changing Your Information

    You can access and change certain account information through the Autograph Platform via the Settings available. You can also reach out to the Live support agents to provide you with any kind of help related to your account services anytime.

  7. Deleting Your Account

    You may delete your Autograph account whenever required from the Account Settings Page. When you delete your account, your profile is not active and the details and pages/content will not be shared with the different Autograph Users and you are disassociated from Autographs you have received or posted under that Autograph account. We may likewise hold certain data about you as required by law or for authentic business purposes after you delete your account.

  8. Controlling Linked Services’ Access to Your Account

    You can review the services you have linked to your account and revoke access to individual services here.

  9. Controlling the Use of Cookies

    Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If you prefer, you can usually choose to set your browser to remove or reject first- and third-party cookies when the Cookies notification pops up. Please note that if you choose to remove or reject cookies, this could affect the availability and functionality of the Autographs Services.

  10. Advertising and Analytics

    Autograph Platform has partnered with certain analytics providers to enhance the user experience. These providers may provide specific opt-out mechanisms and we may provide, as needed and as available, additional tools and third-party services that allow you to better understand cookies and how you can opt-out.

    We also give an Autograph User the option to receive personalized advertisements based on their preference. The User can edit or opt-out of receiving these personalized advertisements by accessing these in the account settings. Your Online Choices.

  11. Do Not Track

    Most of the web browsers today give the users a privacy preference option to send a Do Not Track signal to the websites you visit, indicating that you do not wish to be tracked. We at Autograph do not take any action in response to this signal. At Autograph, we offer you the choices described in this policy to manage the collection and use of information about you.

  12. Mobile Notifications

    With the Users’ consent, we would send promotional and non-promotional push notifications or alerts to the Users mobile device. Deactivation of these notices can be done at any time by the User from the Users Mobile Settings.

  13. Location Information

    During the installation of the app, with the consent of the User, we take details of the user Location to send personalized Content to the User. This can be disabled by the User via their device settings.

  14. Autograph User Data/ Information Security

    We at Autograph respect our User Data privacy and understand the importance of the same. We ensure we protect the interests of our user’s by providing multiple avenues like technical, administrative and physical measures and controls to ensure data Security and the Privacy is protected against loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. The measures vary according to the sensitivity of the Data that has been provided by the Users’. In spite of our constant care and measures are taken, we cannot provide a warranty and guarantee of the data that is being provided to us, as the data could be susceptible through factors that are out of our control. The data that the User transmits to us is based on the User’s Risk.

  15. Data Retention of Autograph User Data

    We Retain the User’s Data and Personal Information as long as it is required to enable the use of the Autograph Platform and to implement the various functions of the various policies at Autograph. We would also retain the information based on the requirements as per law for purposes such as tax, accounting, and reporting, or other scenarios that will be communicated to the Autograph User.

  16. Children

    The Autograph Platform is specially made for Adults and General Audience. We knowingly do not collect any personal information about Children. In case any Children are accessing our platform, this needs to be with the parental Supervision and we need to have obtained verifiable consent from your parent or legal guardian for the children to use the Autograph Platform.

    Protection of Children’s privacy is of utmost importance at Autograph. In the case there are cases where data of Children has been used, we would take prompt steps to delete the information at the earliest and the account will be deleted

  17. International Data Transfer

    We are situated in India and we process and store data on servers situated in India. We may store data on servers and hardware in different nations relying upon an assortment of variables, including the areas of our clients and specialist co-ops. By getting to or utilizing the Services or generally giving data to us, you agree to the handling, exchange, and storage of data in India. and other countries, where you may not have the same rights as you do under local law.

  18. Rights of the Autograph User on the Data Privacy

    In case, as an Autograph User, you are concerned about your Data Privacy and policy, you can always reach out to us in multiple ways.

    1. Online Hotline available on the Mobile Application as well as the website
    2. You can email us at
Last Word!

The Following terms can be subject to change, and if the changes affect the rights of the users, they will be intimated via an announcement on the platform or Autograph will send a notice to the Users notifying the change. We encourage Autograph Users to review the Privacy Policy whenever they access or use our Services or otherwise interact with us to stay informed about our information practices and the ways you can help protect your privacy. By continuing to use our Services after Privacy Policy changes go into effect, you agree to be bound by the revised policy. In case the Autograph Users continue to use the platform after the terms are changed, it is deemed that the user has read, understood and agree to the new terms and Policies.

Privacy Policy is effective as of 1st September 2019.